OH! Would you Look at That.....

Some, including a tiny blog run from rural Florida (that steals material from FTVLive constantly) questioned the accuracy of FTVLive's story after Miller posted on Social media that you should not believe what you read on every blog.

Well, guess what?

 The Fox O&O announced Today that Miller is gone.

Last week, when we reported the story, we heard word that the two sides were trying to come together on a separation agreement. Looks like they did that and the station released this statement.

“Unfortunately, Emily has decided to move on at the end of her 2-year contract, Emily brought original reporting, got real results from her investigations and demonstrated exemplary coverage of the Baltimore Riots,” WTTG GM Patrick Paolini said. “We wish her the best in the future.”  

As for those that doubt FTVLive....

I'm sure the those same people will now be giving FTVLive full credit for being way out in front again.

Of course we will not hold our breath. 

Sorry Haters....Maybe next time.