Fox Sports Bosses Wanted Reporter to get a Facelift

Late last year, Fox Sports Anchor/Reporter Colleen Dominguez filed an age and gender discrimination lawsuit against Fox Sports 1.

Dominguez, who came to the network in 2014 as a sideline and features reporter after a long run at ESPN, alleged that all the choice assignments were given to younger reporters, most notably Erin Andrews.

Shortly after Dominguez complained about her treatment by the company,  her Producer, Jacquelyn Bower, was fired for reasons that remain in dispute.

Deadspin writes that hat Bower knew, according to multiple sources, was that FS1 higher-ups had ordered Dominguez to get hair extensions in hopes that she would wear her hair like Erin Andrews.

“They sent her to Erin Andrews’s hairdresser, then said she needed extensions, and even brought in the person who did J. Lo’s extensions,” a source says. “They spent thousands of dollars on this, but Colleen just laughed. There was no way she was ever going to wear those.”

Further, these sources allege, Dominguez was told by co-workers that bosses were spreading word around the office that they wanted her to “get a facelift.”

Fox Sports is declining to talk about the lawsuit. Sources tell FTVLive that Dominguez has "good paper trail" which is going to make it very hard for Fox Sports to defend themselves in the lawsuit.

Stay tuned...