News Crew Hit by Falling Tree Continue to Recover

The KGTV news crew that was hit by a falling tree while covering a storm clean up story continues to recover and the station continues to milk their story for ratings.

The station reports that Photographer Mike Gold and Reporter Marie Coronel, continue to make progress after they were hit by a falling tree on Monday morning.

"Today I'm feeling much better," said Gold who is home and on crutches.

"The love I've gotten has just been overwhelming."

Gold suffered a badly broken leg but managed to call 911.

"When the tree fell and after the initial silence and me catching my breath and finding Marie and trying to figure out what to do, I grabbed my cell phone and started to make the call," Mike said.

Six hours of surgery for Coronel, but the doctor says she came through it well. "She's doing great. Awake, alert, talking, moving, everything. Considering what she's gone through, it's really remarkable," said Dr. Jeffrey Schweitzer, Scripps Memorial La Jolla neurosurgeon.

Dr. Schweitzer said she suffered a major blow to the head. The falling tree gave her a concussion and broke several of her bones.

"Bones were fractured from the top of the spine to the mid-back; the surgery was to stabilize and prevent further injury," said Dr. Schweitzer. "She was thanking everybody while we were wheeling her back to ICU, doing great! Her family is visiting with her now."

The station continues to do story after story on the crew and slugs their reports "Exclusive" when they do.

Which answers the old question, "If a tree falls during ratings, doesn't anyone hear it?"

The answer is, Yes! Everybody hears about it, over and over again.