Trump Reaches Out to Roger Ailes

Donald Trump may have just figured out that he can't win the GOP nomination, without Fox News on his side.

While Trump likes to spend much of his day bashing the media, word is that the orange haired ego, swallowed some and called Fox News boss Roger Ailes.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Trump reached out to the Fox News chairman and the two men had a brief but cordial talk.

Trump has been attacking Fox News host Megyn Kelly on just about a weekly basis and Ailes has fired back.

Trump thought he was big enough to shun FNC and still win Iowa.... he wasn't and did not. Trump also admitted that blowing off the FNC debate might have hurt him.

Jeff Greenfield thinks that Trump's ego might have finally caught up with him. "Voters just don't like arrogance beyond a certain point. Although, so far, they haven't seemed to mind Trump's bluster."

So while Trump has been bragging about how Roger Ailes and FNC has been calling him and reaching out, it now appears the shoe is on the other foot.

You know, after Trump takes his foot out of his mouth.