Milwaukee Station is Like a Soap Opera (Update)

Sit back folks as we bring you another episode of "As The World Turns at WTMJ".

Since the Milwaukee station has been taken over by Scripps, there is a lot happening with staff at the station.

A number of on air talent has left the station and more is about to.

FTVLive has told you that longtime Anchor Mike Jacobs will be retiring after the May book and word is that News Director Janet Hundley has been so slow to find Jacobs replacement, that Scripps corporate is taking that role over. 

It seems that WTMJ's Steve Chamraz was told that he would get the gig when Jacobs stepped down. But that was under the old regime and not Scripps and it now appears that Chamraz is getting passed over.  

He was given the Anchor job of the station's "The Now" show, which airs at 6:30pm, but word is he wants the big chair and is looking to move on. "Steve was told he will have a talk with management in a month or so regarding his future," and Inside source tells FTVLive.

Also out the door is I-Team Reporter Jermont Terry.  Word is his contract wasn't renewed, but that he has already found another gig in Detroit.  His last day is Feb. 13th. (Update:) Terry contacted FTVLive and says that it was HE that told the station back in November that I was not interested in re-signing with them.

We hear that other staffers are looking to leave as well.

Stay tuned for the next episode of "As The World Turns at WTMJ" coming up soon.