Tribune Looking to Start Up DC Newscast.... With a Catch

If you look at Tribune's website, and and look in the career section, you will notice quite a few job openings in Richmond Virginia and Washington DC.

Many of the job listings in Richmond are all listed under WTVR, Tribune's station in that market.

But some like the Managing Editor job is listed in Richmond, but does not mention WTVR.

But, the DC job listings, do not list any station. Tribune does own WDCW in DC, but the station does not produce a newscast.

But, sources tell FTVLive that is soon changing.

Word is that Tribune is putting on a newscast at their DC station to go up against FOX5 in DC.  However, the newscast production is going to be done in Richmond Virginia, two hours away from DC.

So, it appears that Tribune is going to enter the news game in DC, but they are hedging their bets, by producing the cast out of Richmond.

Stay tuned and once again don't say anything, this is all supposed to be hush, hush right now.