Gee Joe... Why Do you Think That is?

Is MSNBC's Joe Scarborough that far in the tank for Donald Trump, or is he that stupid?

Yesterday, the Morning Joe host linked to a Washington Post story, commenting on how well Trump did in Iowa, with not spending much money.

The article pointed out how much candidates spent per vote in Iowa.

Of course everyone knows that Trump didn't need to spend any money because the media gave him soooooooo much coverage compared to the other candidates. MSNBC and CNN have basically blown out all programming for months to go wall to wall Trump.

Yet, Scarborough says it is "Remarkable" how little Trump spent.

Marco Rubio almost passed Trump in Iowa and he has all but been ignored by the media. That might be the "Remarkable" part.

His biased for Trump has gotten so bad, that MSNBC should just take him off the air until the campaign is over. 

While Joe's word was "Remarkable" our word is "Disgusting".

Just saying....