Dissing the Dog in Raleigh

One of WRAL's last newscasts under the CBS banner, left a bad taste in many viewers mouths.

Each week the station highlights an animal as pet of the week for adoption. This week a lovable dog named Dallas made the trip to the WRAL studios to show off and try and win a viewer's heart.

But, just before Dallas was set to hit the air, the station pulled Dallas from the set and dropped his spot. 

Because Dallas was part Pitbull, WRAL said be a liability if he were adopted and bit someone due to the fact of his breed. 

Never mind the fact that Dallas was  exemplary in showing his love and meeting everyone on the WRAL staff with kisses and a wagging tail, the station still would not let him on the air. 

A Change.org petition has been set up against WRAL's decision and many viewers took to Facebook and were upset that Dallas was dumped.