Out the Door at CNN

A black CNN Writer/Producer that filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the network is no longer employed by CNN.

Sources tell FTVLive that Ricky Blalock has left the network after 6 years. 

Back in December Blalock, filed a lawsuit claiming he and other black employees were passed over for promotions.

He said he is the only black male writer producer in Atlanta out of more than 40 writer producers at CNN Center (though there are black females.)

Blalock filed another complaint against the network back in August with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission saying he was subsequently passed over for a higher level job, which he believes was given to an under-qualified white woman instead.

Blalock, in the lawsuit, said whites were given paid “on the job training” for higher level positions such as copy editor, opportunities he said he was denied.

Now it appears that Blalock has left CNN.

Stay tuned....