Homeless Stunt Does Not go Well for Little Rock Reporter

It's a sweeps stunt classic that has been around since the 80's.

A Reporter sees what it is like to live the life of a homeless person, you know if a homeless person had a live truck and thousands of dollars of tv gear. 

KARK (Little Rock) Reporter Mitch McCoy tried to live the life of a homeless person for 24 hours, but the real homeless people wanted Mitch to get the hell out. 

While trying to go live, the homeless people let their feelings know and McCoy got flustered and threw in back to the studio.

The station tweeted out that McCoy would then be accompanied by Little Rock Police for the rest of his story.

As you know, every homeless person on the streets of Little Rock has their own private police protection. 

In other words, this sweeps stunt is a total farce. 

Let's go to the video: