Erin Andrews' Dad Takes the Stand

Erin Andrews called her father one Thursday night in July 2009, sobbing and screaming, "I'm naked on the Internet," Steve Andrews told a jury Wednesday during the third day of his daughter's civil trial in Nashville.

Steve Andrews, a Reporter at WFLA in Tampa  testified for about an hour on the emotional impact a nude video of his daughter, taken by a stalker has had on her. 

He described Erin as a woman at the height of her career and popularity who became a woman afraid for her life, who hung blankets over her windows and grew fearful of crowds.

"She’s mad," he said. "She’s scared. She’s terrified. She’s depressed. She cries. She’s full of anxiety. She’s a very, very changed person. She’s not the girl that we used to know at all."

Erin Andrews cried quietly during the testimony, and her father at times choked on his words.

The night before Erin Andrews went back to work for ESPN in fall 2009, Steve Andrews said the FBI told them they'd arrested the stalker. Steve Andrews said he was floored and dumbfounded that the hotel staff told the stalker what room his daughter was staying in, and that the man had stood outside the room filming for 4½ minutes.

"I thought to myself, if this guy had been a killer, she’d be dead," he told the jury.

Steve Andrews vehemently denied rumors that the video was a publicity stunt. He said his daughter vomited when watching the nude video after being asked to do so by the FBI.

“Let me tell you something," he told the jury, "Erin Andrews didn’t need more attention, and she certainly didn’t want attention like that.”

The trial continues Today. 

H/T The Tennessean