Big Apple Anchor Arrested on Her Way to Work

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FTVLive FIRST told you that WABC Anchor Liz Cho was busted by NYPD yesterday.

Cho was spotted by police using her cellphone while driving. After being pulled over, cops found that Cho was driving without insurance and a suspended driver's license. 

The NY Daily News writes that Cho, a Connecticut resident, was cuffed and held for two hours before being charged with aggravated unlicensed operation.

She went to work after her release and anchored the news.

 A spokesman for Cho said the charges stemmed from a paperwork snafu.

"Liz was pulled over for a first-time offense of holding her cell phone and reading something while stopped at a red light after getting gas on her way to work. While fully cooperating, she was informed that her license was flagged as being suspended due to an apparent previous lapse in her insurance that occurred several years ago, even though her insurance is currently valid,” the spokesman said.

“Liz takes this matter very seriously and is looking into the source of the issue, and appreciates the professionalism of the officers, who were simply doing their jobs."