Nielsen Gets Caught With Its Tech-Down

TV ratings monopoly, Nielsen, got another black eye in criticism over how they measure TV viewers. In a beautiful article by The New York Times' Emily Steel, Nielsen took another one to the chin when they sent Miami University professor Dennis Cheatham a diary to record his family's viewing habits. The only problem, Cheatham had cut the cord 5 years ago, and the diaries have nowhere to write in viewers who stream their programming.

Cheatham said, "I just kind of shoved it in there and wrote Netflix wherever I could. Is Nielsen not paying attention to technology? Don't they notice something has changed?"

FTVLive can answer that question, Dennis, and the answer is NO. Nielsen charges hundreds hundreds of millions of dollars each year, to the television industry for ratings data. Each sweeps, there are complaints, inaccuracies, and problems. Nexstar became the first broadcast group to drop Nielsen for rival Rentrack and Fox dropped Nielsen's LIVE+SameDay Ratings.

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