See How Easy that Was?

FTVLive FIRST told you that WPSD (Paducah, KY) Weather Anchor Tori Shawwas busted by state police after they found a marijuana growing operation in her house.

On Feb. 17th, FTVLive wrote, "Sources tell FTVLive Shaw had been informed by the station before her arrest that he contract was not being renewed, which expires at the end of the month."

The station has confirmed FTVLive's report and has announced that Shaw is not returning to the station.

It was a huge moment in TV news, when a station did not hide behind, "We do not talk about personnel issues" and was actually upfront with viewers. 

Big props to WPSD and their GM Bill Evans, who posted this letter to viewers on the station's website:

Dear WPSD Local 6 viewers,

I want to share with you what I can about meteorologist Tori Shaw’s arrest, our coverage of the incident, and her employment with WPSD Local 6. I am balancing her employment privacy and transparency in our journalism.

I first want to acknowledge that many of you feel a kinship with Tori. As a member of this team she has come into your homes almost daily, you have met her at public events, and she has presented weather talks to area groups and schools.

What you, the viewers, don’t know is that Tori had planned on leaving our employment at the end of February.

She and I spoke back in December and she shared with me her desire to end her contract six months early. Working together we decided on Saturday, February 27th as her last day. With the timing of her resignation and this arrest, Tori will not be returning to work.

Wow! Finally a station that was open and honest with viewers!

Let's hope that other stations will follow the lead of a station that finally did it right.

We won't hold our breath.