Greenville Reporter Caught in the Middle of a Shootout

WYFF Greenville Nigel Robertson had hot lead buzzing all around him as he was caught up in a shootout.

Robertson said he was driving on Butler Avenue in Greenville when he heard multiple gunshots. He said it sounded like the gunshots were coming from different directions. Nigel said he ducked down in his car and drove off.

Police say that it appears gunshots were fired from two vehicles. Cops said another vehicle, not involved in the shootout, was driving down Butler Avenue when it was hit a bullet.

Officers found a white truck that appeared to have been hit by a bullet. They said the driver was alert, but injured. EMS took the man to the hospital. Police were later notified that the man did not suffer a gunshot wound, but was injured from broken glass.

Robertson said he drove behind the Upcountry History Museum and parked and saw several officers arriving on scene.