Sour Grapes?

It seemed like a feel good story, Lester Holt the Anchor of NBC Nightly News and his son Stefan landing a job at WNBC.

Lester even tweeted the news that his son was joining him at 30 Rock:

But, it appears that not everyone at WNBC is happy to have the young Holt join the staff.

“That has gone over like a lead balloon with anchors who feel they've paid their dues,” according to one TV news insider said to the NY Daily News.

“Stefan is talented, but only 29,” the snitch said. “There are a lot of other people who have worked really hard for many years for an opportunity like that. It's a plum New York gig and here it goes to a 29-year-old kid who gets plucked out of Chicago.”

They also point out that moves like this are nothing new for NBC. “It's not so surprising since NBC News hired Tim Russert's son Luke when he had no experience, but a very famous last name,” our source sniffs.

NBC execs argue that Holt’s hiring was purely merit based.

“Stefan Holt is a hard-working, serious and award-winning journalist who connects well with his viewers,” says a station rep. “He spent the last five years anchoring and reporting for the NBC station in Chicago and the three years before that at the ABC station in West Palm Beach. We look forward to introducing Stefan to our viewers in New York later this spring."

It's not the first time staffers at a TV station were upset at the new Anchor hire and it won't be the last.

Regardless what your last name is.