Karma is a Bitch

When the RNC took away NBC's debate, CNN gladly swooped in and said they would do it.

Well now, NBC gets to give CNN and their boss Jeff Zucker a little payback.

MSNBC has announced that “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski will moderate a town hall at 8 p.m. Wednesday with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

That goes up against CNN and their Republican town hall with the rest of the candidates.

Trump gets the stage all to himself and he gets his personal lap dog Joe Scarborough asking him many of the questions.

There is no doubt that MSNBC having Trump is going to hurt CNN's town hall ratings.

Of course it's not like CNN deserves it. Along with taking NBC's debate away, CNN also featured Trump after he was too scared to go on the Fox News debate and face Megyn Kelly.

So now NBC gets to hit back at CNN and put a ding in their ratings.

Karma is a a heartless bitch Mr. Zucker.