St. Louis Station Airs Competitor's Newscast

KDNL's (St. Louis) The Allman Report got a little extra air time when for reasons neither KDNL nor KMOV can explain.

For some reason, the KDNLAllman Report aired on KMOV during the 5PM hour.

The report, hosted by Jamie Allman, who used to work at KMOV, popped up on the competition and no one is sure why.

Although, it appears that KMOV is blaming the cable company.

Here's Allman trying to explain and figure out what happened:

For reasons neither ABC St. Louis KDNL nor KMOV 4 can explain, the second half of The Allman Report aired on Channel 4 at 5pm yesterday-->

Posted by ABC St. Louis KDNL on Friday, February 12, 2016