Newspaper Reporter Doesn't Understand Sweeps

A Reporter for the newspaper, The Memphis Commercial Appeal wonders why a station would sit on some exclusive video?

Reporter Yolanda Jones (no relation) did a report on a WATN story that showed a Memphis police officer kicking a suspect,

Here are the first two paragraph's of Jones's story, pay close attention to the last line:

A video recorded last fall by a local television station of a Memphis police officer kicking and hitting a suspect accused of domestic violence is under investigation by the police department's investigative unit.

The video that has gone viral by WATN-TV Channel 24 was shot Oct. 13, 2015 at the Country Squires Apartments in Cordova. It's unclear why the station aired the video last week some four months after the incident.

Can someone in Memphis explain to Jones what the February book is and they I'm sure it will all be clear to her.

Just saying....