Buffalo Station Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel for Sweeps

WIVB in Buffalo went the porn route to try and get ratings for sweeps.

Reporter Jenn Schanz did a story slugged,  “Living XXX: UB Student Speaks.”

It was about a student at the University of Buffalo that did gay porn on the side. Schanz starts the story by saying, "Elliott Vance looks like your average biology major, unless you check out his Twitter....."

So what did viewers get if they checked out his Twitter? Here is an example, They got this (Warning! This link is extremely not safe for work).

Vance did gay porn to make money. Strangely the station mentions he did porn, but never mentions that it is gay porn. Why not?

Schanz also says that "Vance also worked as an escort; he was paid for his time, not for sex, which makes it legal. Sometimes the night would lead to sex, but he said for him, there’s a clear line between his work, and prostitution.“A prostitute is somebody who stands out on a street corner,” Vance said."

Sorry, but spin it how you want, what he did was illegal. Prostitutes often say that you are paying for "their time" and not sex. The jails are full of people that have used at tactic.

The story told viewers nothing and was done for only one reason, to get ratings.

WIVB was once the number one station in the market and has now fallen to cheap and sleazy stories to try and get viewers. 

It's sad what some stations will do.

Here's the story: