Here We Go Again

Three ABC News reporters reported that Chris Christie was dropping out of the presidential race, he is not.

CNN reports that Christie, who got beat bad in New Hampshire, said he will return to New Jersey to "take a deep breath" and talk with his family. But he did not say he would drop out or suspend his campaign, as ABC News reporters stated.

"Breaking: Chris Christie drops out of the presidential campaign," Kendis Gibson, a national correspondent with ABC News, tweeted.

"Just in: Chris Christie has suspended his presidential campaign," wrote Ryan Struyk, one of the network's political reporters.

"Chris Christie drops out of presidential race after 6th place finish in NH," tweeted Arlette Saenz, an ABC News White House Reporter.

Both Sruyk and Saenz subsequently published corrections. Gibson did not, though he also tweeted a "clarification" that said Christie was going home to see the final New Hampshire results come in.

An ABC News spokesperson said "it was a mistake that was corrected almost immediately (within minutes)."

At least ABC admits it was a mistake. CNN reported on air that Ben Carson was dropping out of the campaign and still says they did nothing wrong. 

Carson is still on the campaign trail....for now.