What Happened to the "Fuck It I Quit" Reporter?

When Charlo Greene quit her Reporting job at KTVA by saying the phrase "Fuck it, I quit" on air, some have wondered what happened to her?

"I knew that I was one of the only people that had all the tools necessary to take action and effect positive change," Greene tells Civilized. "I decided to act on that. I became a journalist because I wanted to make a difference, and this was a way I could do that."

"I decided I would step away and do it in the most public fashion I could. I just spoke from my heart."

Greene described her choice to quit on-air as a calculated risk.

"I had been smoking cannabis for years and years, and I knew that there was a lot of bullshit being thrown out by the prohibitionists. Everything they put out there - and have been putting out there for years - is lies. I knew that I had to report on it fairly, but once I met the patients being harmed by the lies spread by the opposition, that's when I looked at why I became a journalist: to make an impact and do good. If that meant using the position I was in to actually help people, instead of just serving a TV station and getting more ratings, then I think I made the virtuous choice."

"I made a decision based on something way higher than a job."

"I knew that was the last time I was ever going to work as a journalist. But I was walking away from that. That book in my life is closed," says Greene.

She founded the advocacy group Go Greene with the mission to "cultivate diversity in cannabis activism and industry through educational, recreational and professional networking events for activists, potential entrepreneurs, and cannabusiness industry leaders."

Sources tell FTVLive that Greene has also been trying to get a role in a reality show.

As for a job back in TV news? It appears that ship has long sailed away.