Out the Door in Birmingham

Word is that Media General has down a little house cleaning at WIAT in Birmingham.

Sources tell FTVLive that morning Anchors Stephen Hauck/Gina Redmond have been pushed out.

Hauck has spent almost 2 decades at the station. Word is that both Anchors were told the station is "going a different direction."

WIAT's "Wake Up Alabama" has struggled in the ratings and it appears that Media General is ready to do a clean sweep to the show and start over. 

Redmond was bounced in Pittsburgh after being accused of slapping a Producer (Redmond denies it), 

After the Pittsburgh incident, Redmond was finally hired at WVTM in Birmingham and was fired from that job in 2010. She then crossed the street to WIAT, where once again, it appears she has been bounced.