Signing Off in PA

Longtime WGAL (Lancaster, PA) Anchor Jim Sinkovitz is signing off from the station after 45 years.

“Much of my broadcasting career has been at WGAL and I'm grateful for the many friendships I've made, both professionally and among our Susquehanna Valley viewers,” said Jim Sinkovitz WGAL anchor. “Thanks to all our loyal viewers for allowing me to share in your lives over the years, and to my colleagues for working as a team to deliver the most comprehensive news coverage in this special part of the world.”

Sinkovitz first served as a news reporter and anchor at WGAL from 1987-1995. He left to continue his career in Philadelphia for 13 years. In 2008, he returned to WGAL.

“Jim has been my co-worker, my mentor, my employee…and at 6:30 on Saturday he will simply be my friend,” said Dan O’Donnell WGAL News Director. “Jim taught us all a lot about this business. He will be missed on air and off. Jim is a one-of-a-kind reporter and anchor.”