Cable News Runs Trump's Political Ad for Free

There is no doubt that the cable news nets, especially CNN and MSNBC are Donald Trump obsessed.

If Trump farts, you can bet CNN will break into programming to tell you how it smelled.  

Trump has yet to run any political ads, because let's be honest, with all the free coverage he has gotten, he has no reason to.

But, the Trump campaign did announce that will start running ads in both Iowa and New Hampshire, ahead of both state's primaries.

The campaign unveiled the first spot and before it even officially has run as a commercial, the cable news nets ran it, over and over again.

The Huffington Post says that CNN, Fox and MSNBC ran the ad over 60 times while talking about it.

It's amazing how far the cable nets will go just to mention Trump on their air.

Trump's campaign would be wise to just keep putting out ads, claiming that they are going to make them as part of an ad buy.

Never sit back, watch the cable nets run them over and over again and then never place the buy.

Why buy the cow when milk is free?