Don Lemon Suspended? (Updated)

Sources are telling FTVLive that CNN Anchor Don Lemon has been suspended.

CNN has not confirmed the story, yet Lemon has not tweeted since New Year's Day. Lemon appeared to be drunk on CNN's coverage on New Year's Eve and told Kathy Griffin she had a "nice rack".

Many took offense to Lemon's remark and maybe CNN did the right think and suspended the guy.

But, as one former top cable news anchor said to FTVLive, "the move suggests too much integrity at the top of CNN to possibly be true."

Sadly that maybe the most true statement you hear this year....and it's only January 4th.

Stay tuned....

Updated: FTVLive has not been able to confirm the story we posted earlier, that's why we had a question mark in the headline and made it clear the story was not confirmed. CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter said that he asked a CNN spokesperson about Lemon and the Spox said that Lemon has not been suspended. 

So like we reported earlier, that move would have suggested that CNN had integrity. Wishful thinking I guess.

Lemon still has not tweeted since Jan 1st.