Karma Bites Racist Idiot Right in the Ass

Sometimes TV crews run into total idiots when out in the field. And then other times they run into assholes.

This is the story of a Pittsburgh News Photographer that encountered even worse than that. 

Tom Jefferson is a Photographer for KDKA, he also happens to be black. Why does that matter? Jefferson was shooting a story on a peaceful protest when a hard core racist showed up to talk smack at the protesters.

He also turned is vile remarks at Jefferson, who was just there doing his job. The man hurled racist remark, one after another at Jefferson. To the Photog's credit, he did not engage the racist and just kept rolling.

After the story was posted online, people were able to identify the racist and that fact that he worked at MMC Land Management company.

Many contacted the company after seeing the video of one of their employees acting about as bad as a human can.

The company released a statement, saying that the guy, John Pisone was now fired from his job.

Karma is a bitch buddy! Although you deserve so much worse. Let's hope that Pisone finds it very hard to find another job. You know....outside working for the KKK.

Here's the video: