2015 Rewind - The Guy we Forgot

Back in 2014, one Anchor made some news and then promised us he was soon going to be taking a big job in TV news.

In 2015 we never heard a peep from him.

You may remember AJ Clemente as the green anchor, who's first words on the air were, "fuck'n shit."

Clemente who still holds the record for shortest employment for a TV Anchor was canned after his first and only show.

He milked his 15 minutes of fame, appearing on morning and late night talk shows.

He took a bar tending job, but promised that his agent was mulling over a number of offers and he would soon resurface in TV news.

He never did.

He hasn't sent out a tweet since July 2015 and hasn't been heard from.

Let's relive his very, very short anchoring career one more time.