MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Blasts CNN Media Writer

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough does not seem to be a big fan of the CNN Media Writers.

“It’s really bullshit that CNN buys media ‘reporters’ that then lie about reporters on competing networks,” Scarborough said.

What got the Morning Joe host all worked up was a story by CNN's "Scoop Machine" (as Brian Stelter calls him) Dylan Beyers.

The Daily Caller writes that, Byers, who reported on CNN host Brian Stelter‘s newsletter that “NBC News insiders” have long thought Scarborough favored Trump. CNN’s headline: “MSNCB’s Joe Scarborough and radio host toy with Trump VP possibility.” Stelter added an editor’s note to the story, saying, “This gets my vote for the most tantalizing story of the day.” (Really, Stelter that gets you tantalized?)

Byers reported, “For NBC News insiders, it raised questions about what they interpret as Scarborough’s favoritism toward the Republican frontrunner. Scarborough has made no secret of the fact that he’s close to Trump, and often speaks favorably about him on “Morning Joe.”

Scarborough went off on Byers and CNN.

“I HAVE RULED IT OUT REPEATEDLY,” the MSNBC host shouted in all-caps on Twitter. “Nice distortion CNN.”

He then spilled about a presumably off-the-record or background conversation he had with Byers.

“I told Byers the story was so wrong that I refused to deny it on the record so not to lend credence to it,” Scarborough continued on Twitter. “I told him repeatedly off the record it was false, that it’s never been discussed let alone though of. As far as his ‘NBC insiders,’ anyone suggesting I’ve ever expressed the remotest interest is a liar.”

Ummmmm....I guess the Scoop Machine will not be invited to Joe's next birthday party.