Did Fox News Say "Sorry" to Donald Trump...again?

For at least the second time since he announced for President, Donald Trump implied that Fox News boss Roger Ailes came crawling back to him, saying he was sorry.

Back in August, Trump tweeted out that Ailes called him after his first dust up with Megyn Kelly"

Now, again Trump implies that the Fox News boss called him to say sorry. In an interview with CNN, Trump says that Fox News had called him multiple times and apologized to him for a tongue-in-cheek statement about the GOP front-runner.

Politico writes that in a statement, Fox News accused Trump of wanting a "quid pro quo" in order to attend the debate — in the form of a $5 million donation to charity — and denied that network honcho Roger Ailes had placed "multiple calls" to the real estate mogul. A source close to the situation said there was an acquiescence to Trump, and Fox's statement notes they "acknowledged his concerns."

In FNC's statement, they said, "“Roger Ailes had three brief conversations with Donald Trump today about possibly appearing at the debate – there were not multiple calls placed by Ailes to Trump."

How many calls does it take to be considered "multiple"? Isn't three enough?

So once again, it appears that Trump has the upper hand on Fox News and the network seems to be doing what it can to get back on his good side.

Watching Fox News, CNN and MSNBCgrovel at the feet of a political candidate is enough to make you want to puke.

It just shows how sad the state of Journalism has become.

Is there really any wonder why viewers don't respect or trust the media anymore. Those days are over my friends and that is really, really sad.