Trouble At "Broadcast House" in SLC

Sources are telling FTVLive, there's trouble at KSL-TV.

We've received several tips that ND Chris Moore has been fired and assistant ND Molly Miller has resigned. Although her Twitter feed and Facebook, still have her listed at KSL. Moore's Twitter bio has been scrubbed of any affiliation with KSL.

Scuttlebutt also says four reporters have resigned or left in the past several weeks.

One has to wonder if there's some extreme pressure being placed on KSL GM Tanya Vea, who was promoted to that position from ND? Chris Moore was one of her EPs, whom she then promoted to ND. You'd think she'd know whether he could handle the job or not. Same with Miller. She was an EP and then promoted to Assistant ND. Let's see if there's more to shake out from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.