Drones VS Shotguns

You know it's going to happen; a TV station (or your neighbor) gets a drone and starts flying it all over the place. But what happens if a drone starts hovering over your house? Or peeks in your backyard or window?

Last July, a guy in Kentucky shot down a neighbor's drone after he said it was spying on his 16-year old daughter sunbathing in the back yard. He was arrested but a judge later dismissed the case saying the guy had a right to shoot down the drone.

Clearly, the laws are going to have to catch up with technology. In the meantime, does more drones mean more shotguns? Nick Bilton writes an insightful opinion piece in The New York Times about drones and privacy.

You can bet TV stations will be on the side of 'more drones more often'. But we can't wait until someone starts pointing drones in the window of the make-up room.