Seriously! When will These TV Stations Learn?

FTVLive is about increase our record against big media companies to a very impressive 7-0.

Once again, a media company has filed a copyright claim against FTVLive over a video we posted on YouTube. This time it was the video of WINK (Ft. Myers) Weatherman Jim Farrell dropping the F-Bomb on air.

Farrell could be heard on the video saying "Shut the Fuck Up."

WINK's owner Fort Myers Broadcasting Company filed a copyright infringement claim with YouTube against FTVLive. FTVLive of course has followed up with a counter claim, as the use of the video was clearly within the fair use guidelines.

TV groups such as Hearst, Scripps, Gannett and others have taken on FTVLive and all have lost. This little website is 6-0 verses the big media companies when it comes to copyright claims.

Just recently, FTVLive won a claim against Blackhawk Broadcasting and the video of their Weatherman that many thought was drunk on air. 

The process of a counter claim is slow and normally takes between 2-3 weeks. After FTVLive wins the claim, we'll let you know and of course post the video again and point you guys to it, so you can watch it again and again.

Which will end up doing exactly the opposite of whatWINK and Fort Myers Broadcasting Company wanted in the first place. They could have left the video alone to let in rot in in the FTVLive archives, but now it is brought to the forefront once again and will be when FTVLive wins our 7th straight (against no losses) copyright claim.

Maybe Fort Myers Broadcasting Company should have taken their Weather Anchor Jim Farrell's advice and just, "Shut the Fuck Up."

Just saying.....