Atlanta Station Takes Wraps off of New Set

WSB showed off their new news set for the first time on air yesterday to rave reviews.

The set designed by Devlin Design Group for the No. 1 Atlanta station is all about flexibility.

It’s not a radical redesign. The screens use a similar blue hue. The wood finish is familiar.

“We want to evolve Channel 2,” said Misti Turnbull, WSB News Director. “We didn’t want to reinvent Channel 2… We’ve always been very warm, very inviting. We felt like with the wood, we were able to modernize that but incorporate it into the look.”

In a walk through for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Turnbull  noted how the video screens are now more flexible. “These walls can separate and do different things,” Turnbull said. “We can do different graphic templates. The opportunities are endless. That curved layered wall in the back is seamless. It’s incredible. It’s beautiful. It looks even better on television. It pops!”

Justin Farmer, evening anchor since 2008, said he loves the new screens, “especially the seamless video board behind us that allows us to do some things visually we’ve never been able to do before. As local news evolves, it’s going to allow us utilize resources in new and effective ways.”

He also said the new lighting keeps the set cooler and are the more environmentally friendly LED lights. “It’s much less harsh and more natural,” Farmer said.

There’s also a new track camera for intros and exits and transitions. It scales the length of the set. “We wanted to show the bigness of the set,” Turnbull said. “We wanted a little bit of a wow factor that comes with that.”

A touch screen is available as well, though the newsroom won’t begin using it until later. “It’s something we’ll grow into,” Turnbull said.