Signing Off in Buffalo

After more than 30 years in the Buffalo market, Weatherman Don Paul is signing off from WIVB.

"It is time for me to fold up my tent and pitch it in the backyard and go home," said Paul at the end of the 6PM newscast.

Paul, who turns 69 in April, said his last day will be March 23. That's when his contract expires. The station has been getting rid of longtime talent for a while now.

The departure of Paul will come three months after WIVB enior correspondent Rich Newberg, 68, left as the station appears to be trying to appeal to a younger demographic.

News Director Scott Levy also said the departures of Paul and Newberg -- believed to be two of the higher- paid, on-air employees -- will enable WIVB to use any savings to hire more people in the news department.

"As we entered the new year, the station felt it was a perfect time to start the transition in the weather department," said Levy. "Under Don's leadership, Todd spent the past few years learning from him directly, which should help with the transition."

In other words push the old high priced guy out and save a bunch of cash.

Thanks for the 30 years, now don't let the door hit you on the way out.