BriWi To Show Up for Caucus Coverage

When Brian Williams was demoted to MSNBC, the network said he would be the "Breaking News Anchor", but unless the breaking news happens between 9 and 5 on the weekdays, it appears that BriWi is a no show.

When Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian was released from Iran, it was a breaking news story that Williams skipped. Rezaian's release happened on the weekend. When the big blizzard pounded the northeast this past weekend, Williams again was a no show. 

But, it now appears that the sometimes breaking news anchor is going to work a bit past banker's hours on Tuesday.

MSNBC has announced that Williams will beanchoring MSNBC's Iowa caucus coverage.  

MSNBC said today that Williams will be joined by and Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews in Iowa.

Of course the Iowa caucus is not exactly "breaking news" so we have no clue what Williams role is with the network.