Media General Chairman of the Board Dies after Fall

Media General's Chairman of the Board, John Stewart Bryan III died over the weekend, after suffering a fall in his home. 

Bryan, longtime chairman of Media General suffered a fall at his home on Jan. 15 and had been hospitalized since. He died on Saturday.

His death came at a time when Media General is in the middle of a sale.

A bidding contest has emerged between Texas-based Nexstar Broadcasting Group Inc. and Iowa-based Meredith Corp. to merge with Media General.

Bryan served as Media General’s board chairman since 1990 and was its CEO from 1990 to 2005.

Marshall N. Morton, Media General’s former president and CEO, said Mr. Bryan believed media companies have an obligation to serve the public.

“It was fun working for a man who felt he had a duty to his company as opposed to someone who just worked for it,” Morton said.

“He was so easy to work with that he drew people to him. People enjoyed the opportunity to bounce ideas off him. He created an atmosphere of collegiality. He stimulated a lot of fresh thinking. He was a great mentor.”

H/T Richmond Times Dispatch