Look Out MSNBC's Chris Hayes

It appears that MSNBC has quietly posted a job listing that could be for a new show that will send All In's Chris Hayes to the exit.

When Andy Lack took over NBC, he has been trying to undo the mess that MSNBC boss Phil Griffin has down to the cable news net.

While Lack has already dumped Ronan Farrow and sent Al Sharpton to the weekend, many expect that All In with Chris Hayes was on Lack's list to be booted as well.

It appears that a job posting might be signaling the end of Hayes and his show.

The job posting for a Senior Producer appears to be for the Rachel Maddow show. But, in the middle of the posting there is an interesting line, which states, "Responsible for creating, producing and supervising segments for a NEW MSNBC Primetime show.

So it appears that MSNBC is looking to launch a new Primetime show and that can't be good news for Chris Hayes. He might be All In right now, but could be all out, very soon.

Stay tuned....