This is Freaking Unbelievable!

Normally when the "Storm of the Century" (which comes about twice a year) is bearing down a a viewing area, TV stations start helping viewers prepare for the storm.

The put up the graphic, telling you to gas your car, buy milk, water, bread and warm blankets. Make sure to load up on firewood and get some batteries in case the power goes out.

But, WWBT NBC 12 in Richmond gave viewers a different option to be storm ready.

First you download their weather app, then "Like" them on Facebook. Then make sure you take time out from getting storm ready to "Like" all of the pages of their Anchors and Reporters on Facebook. Last but not least, keep for TV set on and tuned to Channel 12.

So, let's get this right, A killer storm is bearing down on the area and the only hope you have to survive, is toLike" all of the pages the Anchors and Reporters at WWBT?

Whose fucking idea was it at the station to turn a deadly storm into a chance to get Facebook "Likes"?

Whomever it is, I really hope come Monday morning, they don't have a job.

Just saying....