Your Station may have Secretly Decided to Go off the Air

When it comes to the spectrum auction, most people in TV don't talk about it, because they're really not sure what it is?

But, if we told you that after the auction, some stations will just go off the air, maybe yours, does that peak your interest?

Many TV groups, including NBC and CBS have signed up for the spectrum auction and will have until March to decide if they want to go through with the sale.

TV stations that decide to sell their spectrum will either change channels, share channels with other TV stations, or go off the air entirely.

Yes folks, there will likely be TV stations that just go dark.

The sale of the spectrum, gives TV stations and groups the possibility of a one-time cash windfall. WCBS's spectrum is worth almost a billion dollars.

Your station could bring the owner $50 to 150 million bucks easily and maybe a lot more.

We don't yet know how many stations have applied, or in which markets — that's information that in some cases could change how other TV stations behave. For instance, if I'm a station owner in San Francisco thinking about selling, that could change the business plans for my rivals in the region. And tipping my hand that way would be bad for me. Just because a network like NBC says it plans to sell off TV spectrum in some markets doesn't mean all of its stations will be doing so. Nor does signing up mean the stations will ultimately go through with the sale — participating stations have until late March to pull out of the auction.

But, you know that some owners are going to take the money and run and what will that mean for you?

Well, it might be best to have your resume in order.

Just saying....

H/T Washington Post