Two TV Anchors Get on a Plane......

Two TV Anchors get on a plane and in Knoxville this is classified as news.

Seriously, we're not kidding.

According to the station, WBIR Anchors Robin Wilhoit and John Becker are in New York City to have a sit down meeting with the Pope.

OK...maybe it's not the Pope.

They are going to meet NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt. Wow! How did they land that exclusive?!

The WBIR Anchors have flown to the Big Apple to shoot some promos with Lester Holt and the station says that, "the two will will bring us stories of their adventures over the next 24 hours." You know....because no one has ever traveled to New York City before.

WBIR writes that, "Robin and John arrived to New York City safely...." I'm guessing that everyone in Knoxville thinks you get mugged the minute you touch down at LaGuardia.

But, after not being mugged or shot, our daring Anchor team got to the task of bringing viewers the news about their trip to meet Lester.

Did you guys know that NY has things things called Taxis, that pick you up and drive you where you want to go? Who Knew?

By the way, I'm glad Robin told us that was New York City ahead, because I was fairly certain that was the Topeka skyline out the cab's front window.

And I'll be damned, that got horses in NYC as well.

Thank God, that these two Knoxville Anchors are taking on this dangerous mission to NYC. Let's hope Lester Holt appreciates all that they have gone through to get there.