Station Sends Reporter to Belize to Investigate Co-Worker's Murder

The staff at WLS in Chicago is still dealing with the news that one of their Executive Producers was murdered while on vacation in Belize.

Anne Swaney's body was found shortly after she was reported missing from a resort in Belize last Thursday.

The ABC O&O is helping staff deal with their grief, by offering grief management professionals, on hand at the station this week.

“We have all been impacted greatly by Anne’s passing, and we all have different ways to mourn the loss of people we loved,” John Idler, president and general manager of ABC 7, told employees in a letter announcing a series of meetings for grief education and support.

Robert Feder reports that the station has also dispatched Chief Investigative Reporter Chuck Goudie to Belize to follow up on the police investigation of Swaney’s murder.