Turmoil In The Fox Den?

NY Mag's Gabriel Sherman has another piece out on his favorite target Fox News. The piece is interesting, but is relying heavily on anonymous sources. 

Everyone knows that Roger Ailes is the man behind the success of Fox News, but Sherman implies that is changing.

Now, in an article written by New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman; there appears to be some turmoil in the senior ranks. Sources tell NYM, that Murdoch has been attending Ailes' daily afternoon executive meeting. The meeting is attended by about a half-dozen of the network's most senior lieutenants.

Apparently, Ailes has been less 'visible' around the network. Michael Clemente and Bill Shine, are reportedly the two leading internal candidates to take over, should Ailes leave or Murdoch make a change but sources say they also can't stand each other.

The article is an interesting read on what 'could' be going on behind the scenes at the country's Fair and Balanced, network.