700 to Lose their Jobs when Al Jazeera America Shuts Down

When Al Jazeera America launched in August of 2013, FTVLive predicted it would be a failure.

Yet a number of TV news people lined up at Al Jazeera's door looking to get hired. NBC News correspondent Mike Viqueira joined AJA to become its inaugural White House correspondent. CNN business correspondent Ali Velshi also signed on. So too did Soledad O’Brien and Joie Chen from CNN and John Seigenthaler from NBC.

AJA promised big things and unlimited budget and people bought it.

FTVLive never did and neither did the viewers. Al Jazeera averaged around 25,000 viewers and often time did not have enough viewers to even get a rating point.

The holy grail turned out to be just a mirage. Soon layoffs hit, internal bickering and lawsuits took what was going to be the next great cable news channel down the drain.

Then yesterday, Al Jazeera America announced that they were shutting down by the end of April.

About 700 people are going to lose their jobs and be looking for work. Some will crawl back to their old employer with their tail between their legs, hoping to be hired back.

As for those that are losing their jobs, they have all been told not to talk to the press (oh the irony).

If they only listen to FTVLive.

Just saying.....