Rescuing the Surfing TV Anchor

KEYT (Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo) Anchor CJ Wardhad a bit of a scare yesterday after a trip to the beach to surf.

Just after 10:00AM the Fire Department and Harbor Patrol were responding to the cliffs near Leadbetter Beach for a rescue. Reports were that a surfer was in trouble.

What rescuers didn't know at the time, the surfer in trouble was Ward.

Ward was in trouble after a big wave toss. His leash broke and he was headed towards the rocky shore during high tide.

The Anchor was able to get out of the surf line on his own, but told his station that he was winded and was battered against underwater rocks a few times. "And the last 30 yards you are being pounded wave after wave and then it is just waves and rocks, and cliff. Then you take a beating against the cliffs," he said.

The powerful waves threw Ward against nearby rocks.  Medics evaluated Ward at the scene but did not treat him for any injuries. "The waves are deceiving.  They are bigger than they look and don't go by yourself," said Ward.

Ward did escape without significant injuries. His surfboard did not fair as well.

Ward should know better than anyone, Anchors don't float.