Caught Ya!

Joshua Coleman caught a KOVR (Sacramento) news crew parked in a handicap spot. He took out his phone and stated shooting video and then the crew showed up.

Coleman started asking the crew why they parked the news vehicle illegally? One KOVR staffer replied "You know how it's the nature of our business....we park in red zones, fire zones, fire hydrants, all that good stuff."

Just some advice, you might not want to go on video and talk about all the laws you break, because it might just end up on YouTube.

Oh Look!

In fact, KTXL News Director Ed Chapuis, is using the YouTube video as a teaching aide for his staff at Fox 40.

Here is the internal email that Chapuis sent out to the staff and was obtained by FTVLive:

From: Chapuis, Ed
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 1:56 PM
Cc: KTXL.News.OnAir KTXL.News.Managers White, Leigh
Subject: If you drive a FOX40 vehicle, you need to see this video. This is BAD. Never park in a handicapped spot. Or a red zone. Ever.

Man confronts CBS13 crew for parking in a handicapped spot.

 For the record, your media parking pass only allows you to park legally in any metered or restricted resident permit spot (i.e. where you need an “L” or “M” sticker).   And only in the City of Sacramento.