Weatherman Knows How to Tie One On

WGBA (Green Bay) Weatherman Cameron Moreland doesn't hide his bias towards his favorite team.

Moreland is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan and he is not afraid to show it on air. The weatherman cheers on the Packers and shows his team pride, by wearing his Packers tie, or make that ties.

Moreland has 25 Packer ties and is continuing to add more.  

“I don’t know if this is the largest private Packer tie collection in the world, but I’m assuming it’s pretty close,” said Moreland, who has a specific game plan for when each one sees action on the air.

During the season, he wears a different Packers tie every Friday during his weather forecast. If his station is carrying the game on a Sunday, he’ll tie one on that day, too.

“Usually a more Packer-y tie, if there is such a thing,” he says. “There is a little bit of a strategy. It’s not just go in there and pick one out.”

Ties that have already made it into his rotation during the season get slid over to the other side of the closet to avoid any repeat performances during the year.

With the Packers in the playoffs (They beat Washington yesterday) Moreland is in the midst of something he calls Packers Tie Playoff-Palazoo, an annual tradition in which he ups his game by wearing green-and-gold neck wear every day he’s on the air through the post-season run.

We're guessing that the station uses a blue chroma-key wall.

Just saying.

H/T Green Bay Press Gazette