2015 Rewind - Worst Moment in TV News

It is not hard to come up with the worst moment in TV news in 2015.

While news crews report on shootings and murders everyday in TV news, it really hit home when it happened live on the air. The victims were the news crew themselves. WDBJ Photographer Adam Ward and Reporter Ailson Parker were gunned down and an ex-WDBJ staffer that followed them to their live shot and killed them.

It was a scene that plays out in the Untied States everyday, but this time it happened to us. A TV news crew doing their job is killed while doing it.

The murders sent shock waves through TV newsrooms across the country. Station management made changes as to how their crews cover stories. 

2015 was a bad year for mass killings, shootings and murders, but none of them brought this home for TV news people than this one.