2015 Rewind - Thick Skin

When it comes to TV news people, many have a very thin skin.

Just look at folks like, Bill O'Reilly, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Geraldo Revira, Brian Killmeade and you can almost see through them, their skin is that thin.

But, one cable news anchor has shown that she can take a hit and doesn't need to fire back.

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly has remained mostly quiet even though Donald Trump and his thugs have been attacking her for months. Trump has called Kelly the worst, talked about her period and took a number of other cheap shots.

For the most part, Kelly has remained on the high road and not stooped to Trump's level.

While the cable news industry is bending over backward for Trump, Kelly has shown she doesn't bow down like the rest and she can take a hit as well as anyone else (and much better than many).