2015 Rewind - I'll Have Another

A look back at the past year saw some odd on air behavior on some TV newscasts. 

But at least a couple of them stand out, because it appeared the talent was hammered.

KSWT (Yuma) Weather Anchor Nick Marusiak went live from the Jazz festival and it seemed he was hammered while doing his report. 

FTVLive posted the video and it was long after that KSWT filed a copyright infringement against FTVLive, which we are in fact fighting.

We fully expect to win that battle and when the video returns, we'll let you know.

Also, let's give a shot out to CNN Anchor Don Lemon who appeared to end the year, totally smashed on the cable news network.

Lemon was reporting from New Orleans on New Year's Eve and it appeared that Lemon was hitting the hard stuff.

Anywhere else you would think that would buy the Anchor at least a few days off, but this is CNN we are talking about.

We're guessing that Jeff Zucker will promote him .